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What is it? How does it work?

What is it? How does it work?


This platform provides a centralised online storage space for all essential information relating to APIs.

It facilitates collaboration within teams by enabling the creation, organisation and control of different versions of the APIs developed. This ensures that everyone is using the right version of the tools and documents. In addition, it allows the use of API design tools such as OpenAPI, GraphQL or RAML to simplify the creation of APIs and integrate them with other code management and deployment tools.

Developers can also take advantage of Git, a version control system, to automatically manage API documentation, tests and specifications while working on the code. This makes it possible to track all changes and maintain rigorous organisation.

Postman allows APIs to be shared within the team (Private Network) or publicly (Public Network), making it easier to discover new APIs or to make your organisation’s APIs available to other users. In addition, it offers a powerful search tool for easily finding information in the API database.


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